poster for Vaccine Victory Pins poster for Vaccine Victory Pins

Introducing the V for Victory Vaccine Campaign!

Join Theatre Collingwood in celebrating the progress that our province, country, and world has made in the fight against Covid-19!

By purchasing and proudly displaying a "Victory Pin", you are signalling to the world that you are proudly vaccinated and dedicated to the idea of our province returning to normal. By wearing a "Victory Pin", it is our hope that it could generate conversations and perhaps most of all assist in helping people to feel confident and safe when they see the person next to them also wearing the pin. As we slowly return to our beloved theatres, audiences, and performance spaces, we believe that this campaign will create opportunities for solidarity and celebration!

This campaign was conceived by Thom Vincent and Jeff Shearer and was designed by local artist Holger Meiche of Surface Design. These beautiful pins which depict the red maple leaf with a stylized ā€œVā€ for vaccine and victory over the pandemic are also manufactured in Canada!

This is a fundraiser that benefits Theatre Collingwood. These funds will go directly towards our post-pandemic redevelopment of our Youth and Senior Drama Education Program. Thank you for supporting the arts in your community, and helping to ensure that we survive these challenging times!